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Monday, January 3, 2011

She's on her way!!! 01/03/2011

We got an unexpected phone call this morning from Katee, she was at the airport waiting to board the plane to Tacoma. We knew there was a possibility that she could call but we did not expect it because if she was told not to, she would'nt. She is definatley like her Mom and not her Dad, he would have been on the phone first thing. (Just kidding Lee) She was the travel leader over 24 or so elders and sisters, so she was a little stressed out about getting them all on the plane. She is doing so well. She loved the MTC but is so excited to go to Tacoma to get to work. All of her letters have been so uplifting and it is really comforting knowing that she will be well taken care of. She misses the Jazz, her friends and most of all her family. She said she only has 17 months left and it will go by so fast. Not fast enough for mom. She has been able to email Colton and has been a huge inspiration to him. She told him that it was really cool that our family was serving the Lord 24/7, because when he is asleep, she is awake and when she sleeps, he is awake. I never looked at it like that, and it is amazing the blessings that come from their service. She wanted me to thank everyone for their letters, love and support, she really appreciates it. She said she will try and write everyone who writes her, but she is really busy. She will do her best. She loves the letters. By now she is in Tacoma and we can't wait to find out where her first area will be. We don't know when her P-day is either and that is when she sends emails. So watch out Tacoma.

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  1. AHHHHHH!!!!! I wish I was there still!!!! I'm SO JEALOUS! P-Days are Mondays in the Wa-Tac!!