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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Family and Friends!
How in the world are you?! I am doing soooo great! Well... let me explain what all went on after I talked to you at the airport! So we got to Washington and get off the plane and we finally find Pres. Bowen and Sis. Bowen! Marissa they LOVE you! Sis. Bowen came up to me and hugged me and said "I have heard so much about you!" Ha and then she said, "So have you talked to Sister King?" I had to think about it for a minute haha Who was sister king? oh thats right its my sister Marissa haha anyway it was pretty funny. Pres. Bowen said she was such an amazing missionary. All the bishops loved you! So anyway... I got to ride with Pres. Bowen and three other elders. Okay.... MOST INTIMIDATING 30 minutes of my life!!!!!! Oh goodness, haha but it was great! so then we got to the church and had a meeting! And guess who is in another TRI companionship!? Thats right.... its me! Marissa you actually trained my trainers trainer! :) figure that one out haha. So hopefully everything I learn will somewhat be from you and I can hopefully try to be as great of a missionary as you were! So my comps are Sister Bradley and Sister Directo! Sis. Bradley is from Holiday and she is 6 ft. 2 in. AND SHE PLAYS BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh happy day!!!! I love her already and I know that i will learn so much from her. Sister Directo is shorter than me and weighs like 83 pounds haha no joke! She is from the philipines and she is actually a temple square sister. So she will be here for another three months or so! They are both amazing! We are serving in an area called Sequim! And Courteney that is super close to FORKS! We are actually going to go to Forks for P day in a couple weeks! I'll let you know how that goes. My address is 812 N. Bakehouse Ct. Sequim WA 98382. PLEASE WRITE ME LETTERS! I really need them. Sequim is pronounced Sqwim like swim just with a q. I already love it here. Sis. Bradley also loves the GILMORE GIRLS! I will be friends with her forever haha but she compared sequim to stars hollow! it was awesome! Okay so after the meeting yesterday we took our two hour journey and headed for sequim. I fell alseep in the car cuz i had been up since 2:40 in the morning, so dad you were right we got to our apartment and put my stuff down and went trackting! Crazy! I actually talked at a door! In my head i was like oh wow haha we are really going down that street! Don't worry mom its not too scetchy! I feel really safe! It's just not what I am used too! So my p days will be mondays but we email today cuz of transfer meeting yesterday! but my next one will be monday! which is nice cuz so is colton's. So anyway... we also did church tours last night and one today! A member bought us lunch today. Pray that i don't gain weight, we got cookies too! From a member that looks just like lynnette layton. Please send this to her by the way.. Tonight we are teaching some people. This lady who is awesome her name is Joni and she has been baptized for 2 months now. So we are teaching the after baptism lesson, and i get to do that tonight! I am scared. Please pray for me! I know it will be okay but its my first lesson! Ah!!!! Well i don't have much time left! Sorry this is short! Please write me though! Dear elder for tomorrow or something! I love you all so much and I am so glad brother is doing so well! Mom, and kels new callings is so great! I love it! Dad i love you! and calee how is my nephew! Janelle, Deann, and Courteney thank you so much for the packages and everyone else for all the letters in the MTC. you have no idea how much they help. I love this gospel, and i can't wait til i can teach it as well as my trainers can. I hope that day will come soon. I tend to freeze up and go blank even though i know about it haha but i know that my savior and heavenly father will bless me and be with me at all times! just like colton says, he will wrap his arms around me and help me throuh anything! And i know he will do the same for all of you. Pray always and talk with heavenly father! I KNOW that he hears me and answers me! And he will for you as well! Write to this address that i gave you cuz other wise it will take forever to get mail! I love you with all my heart! And I am begining to love FREEZING cold Washington! Yes it is COLD haha but i would rather be cold katee than hot colton! I love you so much! Please pray for me and i pray for you 10 times a day at least! Have a great week! I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME! And paying for this mission! I love this gospel with all of my heart! And i love every single person who reads this email! Now go write me haha love you.
Love, Katee!

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