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Monday, January 10, 2011

Email 01/10/2011

Hey my people!
Okay first off sorry this is so late. Sis. Bradley likes to email later in the day cuz her sister is serving in the Dominican Republic and she likes to wait to hear from her!!! Cool huh? Okay so first off you are all so amazing!! Today sis. bradley opened the mail box and said woah! and then she said Sister Balmforth I think you scored today! hahaha i was so stoked. I think i got like 8 letters. I haven't even had time to read them all but i have a few. So Janelle, Lynette, Brooke, Laura, Patti,Carol Henline, Oma,Brooke, and Mom THANK YOU so much! I am so happy! It makes me want to go baptize hahaha but its P day lol. So anyway... I make a list through out the week of things i need to talk about in my email, and what do i do? thats right leave it in the car. So i will hopefully cover everthing, and if not sorry. Mom i will try and answer your questions. Maybe ill just write you. We will see how much time i have. Okay so... How are all of you? Janelle, i just have to say that this morning i woke up and said man i need to get me some stickers! Haha prayer was answered! Thank you so much i love them. And i love you. I am so glad to hear my jazz are doing okay. Thanks for the pics brooke. THE BEST haha. I honestly don't think about the Jazz to often, I thought that leaving them would be hard but it hasn't been to bad. It will get bad though when they play in the NBA finals haha. Oh geez. Okay so my comps are great. Except Sister Bradley is not very good with being on time to appoinments and stuff. Uh here is Katee's OCD kicking in. It's okay though. We are all aware of it and working hard to be better. So really I am going to try and write everyone back quickly but it may take a bit. We are so busy it is insane!! Oh Brooke and Courteney, do you know an elder fahey? He is Tim Lesuma's cousin and they are way tight! And he is awesome! I think his first name is Gavin. So you should ask Kelsey Allen about that. Oh and MOM this is important! My straightener does not work! Crazy right! It worked in the MTC and i packed it and got it here and it won't turn on. So what should we do about this? Oh and today is the tenth!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURTENEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you have an amazing day and did you get my card? Write me girl! Ha i hope your day has been amazing! Okay now to the mission......
This week has been very busy. But hard for misison work. We had a mother and daughter Kristy and Zara on date to be baptized on the 23rd but now they keep cancelling our appointments and won't call us back. So discouraging! Our goal this month is 4 baptizms! So please pray that we will be able to find people. Tracting is the hardest part! Door after door closing! Ah! Colton was so right about finding people! I don't let it get to me, its just hard because I have something so amazing to share with them and they can't see it! I know that "the field is white already to harvest" so there have got to be people here in Sequim just waiting for me! Its just finding them that is the hard part. But i had my first "Mission miracle" the other night. We went to visit an old man by the name of brother smouse... he is a less active member and is super old so he wants us to visit and teach him. His care givers are his daughter and son in law. So we go to visit him and start giving the first lesson. And it was so hard cuz he can't hear to well, and when he talks its like mumble jumble can't understand a word, so you just nod your head and say uh huh. haha. so i was just like oh geez we'll be outta here in like five minutes. And the son in law said go ahead and talk with him, i'm just playin my computer game, and i'm not interested. So we start teaching him, and then like five minutes into it Tim the son in law starts turning his computer off. then slowly starts turning his chair haha then out of no where he is asking us questions! Wow! I was like what in the world. So we left him a book of mormon and he said he would read. We talked about faith and it was great! So we will see him again wednesday! I pray that he will listen! and be receptive! He has some word of wisdom issues so... it was great. We walked out and i said, " Sister Bradley... we are going to baptize him!" So things have been really slow please pray for us. I know that if i work harder and try to be better that the lord will help us and guide us. I know that he answers our prayers! I know without a doubt that he is always with me. Even though it gets hard he is with me, and if i exercise my faith i can't go wrong. He IS WITH ALL OF US! Pray to him often! Please please get on your knee's when things are hard. He will help us and guide us! I love you all so much. Stay strong. Love, Katee
P.s . Mom we live in a three bedroom condo, with two bathrooms! Amazing! We got lucky. A member owns the complex! I will answer all the other questions to you. You can post them on the blog i just have to get another half hour on a computer real quick. So I LOVE You!

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