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Monday, January 31, 2011

Herbie and Hancock 01/31/2011

Family and Friends!,
Man it seems like I just emailed! Okay so today I have so much to tell all of you. I don't know if I will have time for individual emails today either. ha just like Colton. But I will try! Okay so how are you all doing? Man I have been so spoiled with so many amazing letters this week! Thank you all so much. Kelsee, Mom, Grandma, Marilyn, Brenda, Oma, Mer, Hope Coon Woolley :), Carol, and Brooke, and Court I just got another one from you about a half hour ago! Man thank you all so very much. You have no idea how much it helps and how much it means to me. I worked hard all day today on writing so you should all have letters soon. Court just FYI the one I just got from you was the testimony one. How was Drill region by the way? Okay so today guess what i just did? We went to FORKS! Yes all my twilight people! Forks! It was so amazing! We went to La Push! Sound familiar? Its where Jacob lives! haha anyway we went hiked to 2nd beach! Yes, where bella does her jump off the big rock thing.... i think anyway. Man it is soooooo pretty! Road trip for sure when i get home. It is so green! It was probably one of the most amazing sights i have ever seen. I loved it. After we went to this burger place and half the stuff on the menu is twilight stuff lol so i had twilight punch with my lunch today. They also had the Bella burger but i was tryin to be healthy so i got the grilled chicken sandwich. And yes i had some healthy veggies haha sliced potatoes that were deep fried! Ha! So Forks is amazing, Kels, Hope, Brooke, and Court i am taking you there in 16 months! Okay so now on to another item of business....... So on saturday night we were calling our dinner appointment for sunday to make sure she was still planning on having us. So i called and confirmed with sister jones, and she said, "we are excited to have you, we are having something a little exotic but it is one of our favorites." So I say " okay great we are not picky so we are excited." ha i say that to everyone lol so we head to dinner last night and we are all a little nervous. And we each have things that we don't like, and for the most part we all know about them. So like Sister Bradley cannot handle sea food, and I can't handle mushrooms or raisins. So we decided to come up with a "signal." haha so whenever any of us touch our ear the others know that they have to pick up the slack and eat what is on our plate because we can't handle it. So we go into the Jones house, and it smells pretty good. And we walk over to the table, and my heart sinks!!! Anybody remember my little friends Herbie and Hancock!? (Stop laughing Dad, and Helen!) Thats right people.... we were having DUCK for dinner! Ah! So immedietly we sit down and I don't think i could grab my ear fast enough! Hahaha so brother jones is cutting into my little Herbie, and he says who wants the leg? And sister directo was all over that haha she's from the phillipenes lol Then he gets to another part and sister bradley takes it. Then he says "who wants the back?" Oh geez, i'm like the only one left without meat. So sister bradley had seen my ear pull and said oh she's not a big meat eater so she just wants a little bit. And he says okay take the back it doesn't have that much meat on it. Oh gosh... haha So i start cuttin at it, and I just keep thinking come on Sister Balmforth... or uh Katee haha come on you can do it. Just think chicken or turkey. But duck is all dark meat! We don't eat dark meat! haha So i ate at it and it really wasn't too bad. But man oh man. I turned it over and saw a whole bunch of back bones and nasty stuff so i wanted to lose it after that. but oh man. Then she brings out pinapple upside down cake with cherries in it! Golley... it sure was my night wasn't it! haha anyway.... this past week has been really kinda slow. which makes things hard. on saturday we probably knocked on 50 doors and nothing. we didn't even teach until 4:30 and it was a less active lesson. It was hard. But i know that i am being watched over. He hears me thats for sure. He see's every single tear i cry, and i know that he wants to help me. And he has... because guess what? this week is already better. We had 6 people at church yesterday!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!! Don't compare to Colton's 20!! Its not fair! He is in Africa! And what the heck haha i'm tryin to keep up bro.! Stop being so amazing! So anyway... baptisms did not happen yesterday but we really think it will this weekend! The moan family we are meeting with them tonight! they are the ones with the 19 year old son thats going on a mission. We are going to try to committ them for baptism tonight! Please pray that they will accept! We really need this.! I have seen so many amazing miracles already and it would just be amazing to see brett baptize his dad! Family and Friends I love you so much and i am so thankful for all of you in my life. I think about all of you every single day! Anyone reading this I think about you! I love this Gospel! I love my Savior Jesus Christ! He lives and loves us so much. I want to share that with people! I want them to be as happy as we are! I want to bring others unto Christ because that is the only way to feel true happiness. Please continue to pray that we will be able to find more people and to teach them. I really haven't gotten to teach that much and i really need the practice. I know that with faith miracles are going to happen. I pray for you all everyday. Know that i love you and miss you all so much. But even more know that our Heavenly Father loves you! He knows your needs and if you GET ON YOUR KNEES he will help you and be there for you. I love you all. Have a great week!
Love, Katee.

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