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Thursday, December 30, 2010

MTC email 12/30/2010

Family and Friends!
Well it has been an amazing week here in the MTC! I can not believe how fast the time has gone! I leave for Washington on Monday!!! Is that not crazy! I'm sorry it is going kind of slow for you mom. But it will soon start to go really fast! It already is for me! So today is P day and my usual time for laundry/email is ten thirty but we got up way early cuz it gets so crazy! I hope you are all doing well and had a great Christmas! My Christmas was great!!! Elder Rusell Nelson was here and it was so great. I also shook his wife's hand and hugged Sheri Dew! What amazing women! Okay so I feel like I have so much to say but now I don't remember it haha Thank you so much for the package and my drivers license! And everyone for their letters! I love mail!!!! Please keep writing! We get mail after lunch and dinner so its like a boost that I need during the day! Mom, don't apologize for using dear elder! I love getting the letters the same day. Just write them all before noon! And i get them at dinner! Please keep writing! Oma sent me pics of the girls and they look huge haha Its only been two weeks! Stop growing Brenna and ter! Mer i absolutely love that pic of christ and the child that you sent! Okay so Colton is getting transfered? That is good! I have been praying for him all week! I feel such a close connection to him it is awesome! And this week I ran into Elder Mock! He is so awesome, and he saw my name tag and got all excited!!! And he is (cough) very very good looking :) haha Anyway... I am still doing so good. I have been studying a lot, and I have amazing teachers. I write so much that i don't remember what you know so if this is a repeat sorry.... But sister boulter and sister ward are awesome! they are amazing teachers!!! I always feel the spirit and my testimony is growing!!!! So how is the ward and church on Sundays!? I miss everyone a lot, but everyone here is so great. I am getting better at being more patient with my comps! And i know that they are my comps for a reason! I think one of those reasons is to help me with my OCD problem haha no but really lol. I hate being late!!!! And touched haha!!!! Brooke, thank you for your tape! And Courteney I hope you are still doing great and enjoying the break from school and dance. Kels I am so happy about the new job! Mom and Dad you both sound super busy with work! That is great! Dad, that is so sweet about the trip!!!! Kels lucked out haha Mom have you talked to Hope? Or given her an apple? Hope if you read this thanks for your letter! One should be getting to you soon! Family I have four in a half minutes left haha. Don't worry I already emailed Colton! Mom and Dad he sounds really good when he talks to me! He is very relieved that i am doing so good. And i know that i am because of the power of prayer! I talk to my father in heaven every night and ask him to be with me and colton and our family! Well he IS listening! I love this Gospel with all my heart! I am so happy that I can be a servent to heavenly father for 18 SHORT months! And I know that the atonement is real! It is the most amazing thing ever! Oh and Grandma Harward thank you for all the gifts and letters! I love you and will write you soon. Mom you can post this to my blog! Thanks. Oh and did you get my pics i sent? If you want to respond to this email in a dear elder today that would be great! Thanks! I love you all more than you will ever know! And i will hopefully talk to you on MONDAY! Love you.
Love, Katee

Sister Balmforth

Ps... Tell Pat austin is doing great, and tell Tanya Tyson is amazing!

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