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Monday, January 24, 2011


Hello my dear family and friends,
okay so i have so much to tell you and always so little time. So family this will be a mass email for everyone and then other little details i will write to you hopefully if i have time. So this week has been so much of a rollercoaster! So many ups and so many downs! I don't even know where to begin. First off, we were almost eaten by a dog haha when i came on my mission i was like whatever i won't need to worry about that. Hahaha i was wrong. We ran back to the car and thanked Heavenly Father for not letting us get eaten haha it really was kinda scary though. Mom, you wanted to know what a day consisted of so here ya go... I wake up at 6:30 unless we go to the Sequim Gym then we get up at 6 but that is hard. The gym is owned by a member so we go for free. Oh and yes i do play ball at least once a week with the zone and its great. Anyway so then we have personal study at 8 comp study at 9 then we go and visit less actives and recent converts and older people. Then we sometimes have lunch and sometimes not. Then we door step people and see if they are home, then we tract from 4-6 every day! Ah i love tracting :) Colton said he has tracted like once for 30 minutes. Haha he said its easier to find people in Africa! Then we eat dinner sometimes and then later is when we have teaching appointments. Okay so this week.... has probably been my hardest so far. All three baptisms that were set up fell through. It was so hard because i don't think i have ever exercised so much faith in those baptisms. Also everything is starting to hit me i think. So needless to say i have had a few crying sessions in the bathroom this week haha. don't worry mom... i am doing great! I love it here in Washington! But things do get hard sometimes. But ya know what, Life is hard because the Atonement was hard. So we just gotta keep on keepin on and stay strong. But here is the thing,,, we were all so bummed because we seriously had so much faith! We fasted for this family twice! And every prayer we said they were in! But i now know that it was not a lack of faith! It is just in the hands of Heavenly Father now! I know they will get baptized! So having so much faith heavenly father keeps his promises and he does and did bless us! While tracting with a split last week.(a laurel by the way was tracting with me.) I talked with two people and i SET UP MY FIRST CHURCH TOUR! All by myself! Thats right! haha then after i ran up to sister bradley (she was waiting in the road) and i starting jumping up and down and dancing with excitement, and she was like smiling and looking back at the house, so i paused and said "please tell me they aren't watching out the window" haha don't worry pretty sure they were! But i didn't care! I was too happy lol So we had three church tours back to back on saturday and we also found a new family to teach! The smith family. We start tomorrow with them! Please pray for them and for Mik and Aiden to get baptized this weekend! FAITH BRINGS MIRACLES people! I promise! Then yesterday driving to an appointment and the phone rings. Sister Bradley answers and says hello this is sister bradley... The next thing i know she is handing me the phone. I said "who is it" and she just shrugged. So i grab the phone and say "hello this is sister balmforth and The person says hello sister balmforth do you know who this is? My heart jumped out of my chest haha yes people it was Marissa. The first thing i said to her was uh is this legal? haha it was really good to talk to her though. Also this week we got a letter from pres bowen because our numbers were so good! Sister bradley said that this was only her 2nd letter from him her whole mission. (she has been out a year) so that was pretty exciting! Kelsee, Janelle, Marilyn, Carol, and Cheryl thank you so much for your letters! I am hoping you get some from me soon. I have written most of them i just need to send them. And mom i have pics to send soon. Hope, Courteney, and Brooke how are you doing? How is school, and work and everything? I hope you are doing great! Write me people! I miss you! Cal, and dave how are you? Grandma how are you? Brenna and ter and brand and mer and clara! How are you? I love you? Ward members and people reading this I love you so much and pray for you all everyday! So this last week I also got to talk at YOUNG WOMEN'S NEW BEGININGS! Oh how i loved it! I miss the young womens a lot! So it was great to talk to them! And this week they asked if we would sing in sacrament! Oh geez haha we are terrible singers but we can't say no haha so i will record the song we are singing on the tape! Its pretty cool. The members here are really good about feeding us. Yesterday our dinner appointment canceled, and i thought man i can't remember the last time i didn't have a good sunday dinner haha. so we stopped by the johnson's house.(amazing members that i love) and they invited us to stay for dinner! I love them. Well family and friends. I love you so much and i can't belive another week has gone by. Transfers are three short weeks away and i have no idea what will happen. I really hope i stay here in Sequim but who knows. I will go where the Lord wants me. Well please know that i pray for every single one of you every day! And i think about you often! Stay Strong. And ALWAYS pray to Heavenly Father and you will be blessed. Faith never Fails! This church is so true and I love it! We are so blessed to have it in our lives! Thank you uncle Kip!!! I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that he lived and died for each one of us. The Atonement makes EVERYTHING possible! Think of anything you want and I promise it wouldn't be possible without the Atonement! I love you all have a great week! Please keep me and Colton in your prayers as i know you already do. But please pray that we will find people and be able to baptize! I love you!
Love, Katee

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