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Monday, February 7, 2011

Lucky #11

Family and Friends!
Well hello out there in Utah! How is everyone doing? First off... Calee and Dave Happy belated anniversary! Sorry i'm a terrible sister haha but Cal I did just send you a letter and you should get it soon. And i did get your letter so thank you very much. Everyone else that has written me this week you are amazing! Brooke, Mom, Grandma, Patti, Lynnette, Carol, Calee, Marilyn,and janessa i just got yours today,and everyone else... sorry if i'm missing anyone. But seriously you guys are amazing! I feel so loved and you have no idea how much letters help me through out the day. Especially when it is a hard day. Okay so this week has been pretty good. I hope that you got the package i sent mom. It cost me ten bucks my goodness. Haha i'm really cheap lol i still have like over a hundred dollars on my mission credit card for this month and sister bradley has like 20 haha its only the 7th! anyway i'm cheap and i don't starve so i'm good to go. its nice because i really don't need much. So anyway.... this week has been good. It has kind of been slow. I don't really know where to even start. Tracting this week has actually paid off. Sister Bradley was on the phone so sister directo and I started walking up to this door. I kept trying to pump myself up haha so in my head i was givin myself a pep talk. I said "okay, this is gonna be the door! we are totally going to find someone right here at this house that is prepared and ready for us to teach!" so we walk up and the house number is 111! well for those of you who don't know 11 is my favorite/lucky number! So that got me really excited! haha but then as we were walking up i was like ah man this house is dark, no one is home. Was I wrong? yes i was! a very nice lady comes to the door and her name is Shirley! She looked at us and said "i am VERY interested, but i don't have time right now!" So i said, thats okay! can we get your phone number and call you tomorrow? so we got her info and i called her the next day and i set up a church tour with her! she is great! she came on the tour and we gave her the first lesson. She said she would be at church but she never showed. So that was a bummer. its so hard. I sit at church and stare at the door and just wait for our people to show up, and its hard when they never do. But we have an appointment with her on Wednesday so hopefully it will work out. A few weeks ago we also tracted into a 22 year old girl and her name is brittany. She did the same thing and we got her phone number. Well then later we kept trying to call her and the number was disconnected. So the other day we were in her area and sister bradley said lets just go knock on her door. So we did. Honestly i was kinda hesitant. Just because i hate to be overbearing. But we did it and she was there and she had gotten a new phone! So we set up a church tour with her and it went great! I even did the first vision! I was happy with myself haha anyway it was pretty cool but she didn't show to church either. So hopefully when we meet with her it will go good. So the Moan family.....! Do you all remember them? You should cuz they are amazing... anyway we have been teaching them and we committed them to baptism... but they have decided that when they get baptized they want to do it in Oregon because that is where they are from and they have friends there.........BUMMER! I mean we are so stoked that they are getting baptized but sad because we won't get to see it. But thats okay... the most important thing is that they take that step. So in other words... still no baptisms for sister balmforth... its okay though. I know as i continue to increase my faith we will see miracles! It has been a tough transfer as far as seeing success but it has been so rewarding! Kristy and Mik are doing okay. Kristy hasn't had coffee in like a month, and they are both down to like only 3 or 4 cigarretts a day. Which is like amazing for them. Now we just have to find a place for Mik to live because this Co Habing thing isn't working! But we have seriously tried and looked everywhere for a place in his price range, but nothing. And he just needs to go look and put forth an effort. We kinda pulled the transfer card on them and told them that one of us might be leaving next week. So hopefully that will make them work hard to want to be baptized this weekend! Please pray that it happens! I pray everyday for it! But i know it will happen on the lords time. Last night they Elders in our area (they are over a different ward) they had two baptisms and we got to go. The spirit was so strong and it was amazing! The closing song was families can be together forever! It gets me everytime lol I love it. Yesterday was a long hard day too because the Dang super bowl was on. So we were not about to go tracting because it would have been a waste of time. We learned that the hard way when the seattle sea hawks were playing one night. Haha door after door closed. But we did get to eat at a members house last night, and they had a non member family there and then the deprati family was also there. They are recent converts and they are AMAZING! So we taught a good lesson and hopefully the non member family will come on a church tour. So the work is going good. We are staying really really busy and we hope to see some good things come from it soon. I KNOW Heavenly Father has a plan for us and that we will see Miracles soon! Oh Marrissa do you know a sister McCallister from Puallup? She probably went on splits with you? Anyway she said she knows you, but she lives in Sequim now.. Haha i thought it was pretty cool. Anyway... Family and friends thank you so much for all you do for me and for all the prayers you say in my behalf. I feel them everyday, and i am so grateful! I know that my savior Jesus Christ lives! I know that he died for every single one of us. He suffered in the Garden for us so that we can repent and return to live with our Heavenly Father again. The greatest joy that i have that comes from the atonement is the fact that I will be able to be with my family forever! That is the greatest blessing of all. I know how real the power of prayer is. I am grateful for it every single day. I love it and i know that he hears me. He see's my joys and my sorrows. He see's every tear i cry and he helps me through the good and the bad. I love being able to serve my Heavenly Father! It brings me so much joy! Pray to him often! He will never let you down. I PROMISE! Family and Friends have a great week. And please know that i think about you and pray for you every single day! I love you all so much!

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