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Monday, September 5, 2011

Bee's, Dogs and stupid Satan :)

Hello family and friends,

Okay so what a crazy week.  I will start with what happened last Monday.  So we had a little beehive outside our house.  So we told Brother Jones and he said that he would take care of it.  So one night we get home and I help Brother Jones spray some stuff up in the hole where the bees were.  So we thought everything was all fine and dandy.  So then the next morning I wake up and I was studying at the table and I hear a little creaky noise in the wall.  Then I look up and see two bees flying around in the sky lights.  So I tell Brother Jones and then we came home later that day and we walk in our house and there are DEAD bees EVERYWHERE!  And live ones too!  So bees were getting in the house and it was crazy.  So we stayed with some members for a couple nights, and we are still cleaning up the after math but it is better now.  So crazy.  Then we go tracting that day and I almost get eaten by a dog.  Like no joke if the owner hadn't come out two seconds after she did I probably would have been in the ER.  Hahaha it was great fun let me tell ya. Then I said something to Sister Lee like oh this day can't get any worse, and don't worry it did haha.  We had a chaotic lesson with Trina and then I proceeded to lock the keys in the trunk!  So I called Elder Quigley who is over the cars and he said he would come to Rochester the next day.  So we were gonna be walkin for awhile.  BUT!  Brother Clark who lives down the street saved the day because he has a ford and his key just happened to open our car!  That was the Miracle of the day!  So anyway... that was a weird day.  So Trina said she would be baptized on the 11th.  But then Sunday... SHE DIDN'T COME TO CHURCH!  Ah! I was so bummed!  We had a member go over to pick her up and everything and she wasn't there!  I almost had a break down in church haha but don't worry I didn't!  I know that Satan is just kicking me this week because my sister is about to do something AMAZING!  Oh well it will all be okay.  We did have a church tour last night and we have three new investigators.  I am not sure how solid they are but I am having Faith that it will work out. Transfers are next week and I don't really know what will happen.  So I will probably email Tuesday.  Okay so Calee, and Mom and Dad THANK YOU SO MUCH for your packages!  I loved it!  You guys are the best!  I have been eating tomato sandwiches and they rock!  So anyway I know that this will be a good week!  I am so happy for Kelsee and Riley!  I love you guys so much!  And I am so proud of you!  Kels, I have a package that I will send you.  The post office is closed today so I hope you get it by Thursday, if not you will soon!  I want you guys to know how much I love you!  Brooke Cockayne, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  You will have a letter soon!  Promise!  Hope and Courteney how are you I haven't heard from you lately? I  have been thinkin about my whole family lately.  Grandma and mom and my aunts and everyone!  I know things are hard right now but I promise it will get better!  We all just need to rely on the Lord and put everything in his hands!  I know that the gospel is true!  I wouldn't be in Washington if it wasn't! I know that our family will be forever and Ii am so thankful for that!  I love you all so much!  I hope you have a great week!  And I hope the wedding is amazing and Kelsee has the best day of her life!  I love you all so much!  Kels you are my hero!  Have the best day ever and know that I will be thinking about you all day!  I love you guys!

love always,

ps... mom i love you :)

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