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Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? Okay so this week has been..... hmm.... I don't even know where to start.  Its been kinda rough. With school starting no one is ever home, and it is hard to even visit less actives and recent converts.  But its been good.  The majority of the week we tracted.  And I have been in Rochester for over three months now so we are tracting everything I have already tracted.  Its pretty funny when people look at me and say "you were here last month." and I say "I know I was but Rochester is small, so I guess we will just invite you again" haha its funny but hard at the same time.  But I am learning a lot.  Yesterday we had to call President Weaver to ask him a question and he told us to keep working hard and even though we can't see the rewards of our labors now we will soon.  So that was good.  It was just what I needed to hear.  I just feel really bad because I really want Sister Lee to know how it feels to help someone and to baptize them. She will soon I hope.  It was pretty cool this week we visited two different lady's who are less active and as we were sitting there they both said " I was hoping you would come today." so that's pretty cool.  I love when that happens because then it helps me realize the power the spirit has in a missionaries life.  So there is not much else to report this week.  We are working our butts off trying to find people to teach.  We did get a cool referral this week and we took her on a church tour.  But I don't think we will get to teach her more than the first lesson because she is going off to school like on Thursday.  So that was exciting though... and as long as she accepts the gospel I don't care where she gets baptized.  Sister Lee is really nice.  I feel like I haven't told you much about her.  She is a really good cook. S he is really really quiet.  So that is hard sometimes and I feel like I talk to much but what can ya do right?  Yesterday in ward council the bishop said "tomorrow I would like to have a ward FHE at my house and I would like it if the missionaries would come and teach. (looking right at me) I was like... seriously? haha but hopefully it will go good.  We are going to teach a lesson about being member missionaries and using mormon.org. so it should be cool.  Anyone who is reading this email needs to get on mormon.org and create a profile!  PLEASE! It will help with missionary work a lot and plus I can get on it and look at your profiles and show investigators my family and friends!  So its pretty cool.  This week I noticed that my shoes are a little worn haha I love it!  I may eventually get new ones but I don't know.  I hate spending money lol.  Thank you everyone who wrote me this week!  I will write back soon I promise!  Hope thank you so much for the earrings!  They are so cute and my comp loves them too!  Terry, Court Patti, Allyson, Marilyn, and Carol thank you for the letters!  Anyone else who sent stuff thank you so much I haven't got the mail today yet so I'm sure there is more because you guys are the best!  I want you all to know how much I love you!  My family and friends and ward family are amazing!  On Saturday we had a day of service and it made me think a lot about going on the ward cleanups with my daddy every year.  It was great!  The weather has been icky so I will take lots of vitamin D haha.  I want you all to know that this gospel changes lives and it is amazing!  It is so hard for me to tell you how I feel about it! I have seen it change lives but mostly I have seen it change my life.  I love my savior Jesus Christ.  I know he lives and loves us and died for all of us so we can be together forever!  I picture heaven to be a lot like our life now.  Neighbors and friends living close together, playing on a big basketball court outside! haha I love it!  I hope you all know how much Ii love you and how much I appreciate you!  Have a great week!

Love always,

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