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Monday, September 5, 2011

Special Request

Hello you loyal blog readers, this is Katee's Mom.  It has been a rough week and poor Katee did not get an email from me this week.  Long story short, I thought I wrote her and Colton at the same time and then it got really late so I thought I will write her in the morning and guess what, all morning I was waiting for her to email, thinking that I had emailed, duh.  So later in the afternoon, I realize it is a holiday so she probably can't go to the library and email, so I left and missed her when she wrote.  So she thinks something is wrong and she is really depressed about not being here for the wedding and all of her emotions are raging.  So if you all would not mind saying an extra prayer for her this week, I would really appreciate it.  She is doing good, I just know that Thursday is going to be a really hard day.  She is very happy for Kelsee but they have this twin thing that is weird, so if you don't mind, please prayer for her.  Thanks so much for all the love and support that all of you give to our missionaries, we could not do it without your help and all your prayers.


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