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Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthweek Mom!!!

Hello everybody!

Okay so I feel like I have so much to tell everyone and its crazy... So this week has been great. The work had been a little slow but last night a huge miracle happened!  So let me tell you about it... So on Saturday the zone leaders call us and say "hey sisters we are having a baptism on Sunday and she is ysa age so can you get some ysa people to come for fellowship?"  Me being the nice person I am said "of course" without even being mad that they didn't let us teach this girl haha.  So anyway... Sunday comes and we were in meetings all day.  I mean all day.  We got to church at nine thirty and got home just before nine.  Anyhow... so we go and I was talking to the elders and then all the sudden I look down the hall and see this lady that looks very familiar.  Then I did a double take and looked again and I realized that it was a lady named Alethia that I knew in Sequim a year ago!  She was very less active and at the time she had heart surgery so we would go visit her a lot.  When I was leaving Sequim we hadn't seen her and we pretty much thought she fell off the face of the earth.  So I walk down the hall and I turned to her and said "hello! do you remember me?" (I didn't think she would) And she said "oh my gosh of course I remember you!  My daughter is the one getting baptized tonight!"  Oh my gosh it was the coolest thing!  The lord totally knew that I needed this miracle.  Because just the other day I was feeling like my less active work wasn't working... and last night I saw and learned that I am ALWAYS planting seeds.  It was really amazing to see Alethia stand and bear her testimony to her daughter.  I got teary eyed as I watched this.  Because just a year ago she wasn't doing very good and I would have never thought that she would be bearing her testimony.  It was definitely a tender mercy that I needed.  And also her daughter has a friend that is interested in the church so we will start teaching her!  Another cool thing that just happened, was we got to go down to Bremerton on the base there and tour an AIR CRAFT CARRIER!  We went on the USS John C. Stennis!  It was so awesome!  I felt like I was on the movie Pearl Harbor haha we got to go up on the flight deck and everything.  It was awesome!  I also want you all to know that I talked with President Weaver today, and my release date will be........ May 23,2012!  So you can all save the date :) This week Pres and Sister Weaver have challenged us to read preach my gospel chapters 1 and 2 and it has been really great to do that.  I read a quote that was cool it said "as your understanding of the atonement of Jesus Christ grows, your desire to share the gospel will increase.  I thought that was really cool.  Sister Chronister and I are still doing great!  I love her to death! I hope that we can stay in Silverdale until May!  The other day we walked out of our apartment and we saw something that wasn't very familiar.... THE SUN!  So I was being funny and I started singing "the sun will come out... today" and Sister Chronister goes "take that Annie!" hahaha it was so funny... I guess you would have needed to be there. lol.  Well anyway... we are looking forward to the coming week and we are hoping to see lots of miracles.  I am doing good. I  feel better and better every day.  I am so grateful to be serving at this time in my life. It has brought me more joy than I can even explain.  I love being tired and worn out and even on the verge of tears every night because I feel like that.  Lets just hope my body can take it haha.  I am so grateful for the love and support that I have.  I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and for the atoning sacrifice that he did for me.  I know that he lives.  I am grateful for the young prophet Joseph Smith who had the courage to simply ask.  I know that he saw the father and our Savior and I am so grateful to know these things.  I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!  Keep us in your prayers!  OH AND MOM! HAPPY BIRTH WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!

Love always,

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