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Monday, March 12, 2012

Teaching Pool 03/12/12

Hello Everybody!

How are you all doing?  This week I am doing pretty good.  We have had a lot of ups and downs this week. First off... We now have an actual teaching pool!!! yay!!!  It's awesome because they are all in the ysa ward. The ysa ward hasn't seen a baptism in over 6 months... so we are pretty excited.  We taught our first lesson with Mariah last week and it went well.  She is so excited about the gospel and it helps her so much.  We asked her what made her want to learn more and she said "I dunno... I can't explain it... it just feels good." So in my head I'm like uh yeah that's called the spirit haha, so it was pretty cool.  She is working on a few things and will hopefully be baptized within a couple weeks.  Zebediah is doing well he came to church yesterday and enjoyed it.  Sister Chronister and I were asked on Wednesday if we would speak in the ysa ward on Sunday.  My topic was "doing the right thing at the right time without delay" it was an Oct. 2011 general conference talk.  So of course I was a little stressed about it but not too bad.  Its so weird before my mission I had to write my talks word for word and now  can't do that.  Its like impossible.  So  wrote a few notes down and winged it again.... haha people complimented me on it so  guess it went okay.  I ended up talking for like 18 minutes haha oops... Sister Chronister also did a great job.  This past week we also taught seminary for two days for Sister Leach because she went out of town.  It was fun.  It was way hard to get my butt out of bed earlier than 6:30.  Haha actually Sister Chronister got her butt outta bed and showered and I got outta bed and threw on a skirt and showered when we got back haha hey a girls gotta sleep.  I don't think I have had 8 hours of sleep in like 6 months... crazy I know.  So anyway that was good, and I have actually thought about being a seminary teacher so I guess we will see.  Things in the ysa ward are going great.  All the kids love us and it is fun to build friendships with them, and then to see them want to help us is so amazing.  This week I am so thankful for faithful members of the church.  I am thankful for their willingness to serve and the love that they show to us and to the Savior.  I am grateful for an amazing companion!  Its funny but we can pretty much finish each others sentences.  I love it!  I am thankful for my Savior.  I know he lives!  I'm thankful for the restoration and for the privilege that I have to carry that message to share with others.  I love my mission.  I can 't believe how fast it is going!  I hope you all have a great week!  Mom and Laura Ii hope you had a great bday, and grandpa happy bday tomorrow!  You guys rock!  I suck at letters I will work on that!  Love you all.


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