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Monday, January 9, 2012

High on a Mountain Top 01/09/12

Hello family and friends!

Okay so... this week has been a very interesting one.  We have been trying so hard to find new people and its just been weird.  So me and Sister Chronister were talking one day I could tell that she had been struggling.  And I won't lie I have been too because we have been working so hard and can't find any one. So I told her that all the miracles that I have seen on my mission have happened after a really hard trial.  So then I told her that I was grateful for my struggles. So that night I knelt down and prayed and told my Heavenly Father that I knew we were going to see a miracle soon and that I was thankful for my struggles...... Well.... he heard all right and this week I had a struggle.  So now I will tell you the story and you will understand why the title of my email is what it is haha.  Okay so we had been working hard. We decided to sacrifice this week so we could show the lord that we really wanted to see a miracle.  So we didn't take our meal calendar to church because when we eat with members it makes us late for tracting. So we decided that we would sacrifice member meals.  So we did.  And we were doing so good... We also had been waking up early and running every day.... Hardest thing ever because I am already not getting enough sleep haha.  So on Thursday night we decide that we are sick of running and that we want to wake up even earlier and go to the church and play bball.  So we wake up Friday morning and my back/neck hurts really bad. But I just thought that I slept funny, so we went anyway... So we get there and I was hurting but when has that stopped me from playin my game?  Sister Chronister was like... I'm not playing with you and I said just hurry up and throw the ball haha. Then I went to pick up the ball and I had this little thought come to my head (the spirit) and it said don't play... But I didn't think anything of it.... so I was stupid and I played. Well needless to say I think I pinched a nerve in my back and I got home and could barely even move.  I haven't felt pain like that in forever!  So the past three days have sucked!  We haven't been able to do much and I feel sooooo bad.  I have been taking ibuprofen like candy and Sister Graves (an amazing family that we love) had some pain killers that I took.  We all know that I don't take drugs, ever.  I hate it.  But the pain was so bad, I did not have a choice.  I also got a blessing from Elder Finnegan and Brother Jansson. (another family that we love) and the blessing said my prayers would be answered and I would be healed.  So I hate not working, these people have had to force me to relax but I have gotten a little extra sleep and today I feel sooooo much better!  I haven't even had ibuprofen today!  So mom stop panicking cuz I am fine haha.  But I feel sooo much better!  My companion said the medicine made me really relaxed but I don't think so haha. So anyway that has been my week. Sister Jansson went to massage therapy school so that was nice, and I might go back over there today we will see.  But hopefully we can work hard this week and find people to teach!  This week I am grateful for my struggles, and I know we will see a miracle soon.  I am also grateful for the power of the priesthood.  I know that those blessings are straight from our Heavenly Father and I know that he loves us so much.  I know that the Savior has felt every single pain that we have. And I know that he will take care of everything!  I love you all so much and I hope you have an amazing week!  Stay Strong!

Love, Kate

P.S.  Transfers are next Tuesday, so if you are going to send letters do it soon.  Also, thanks for all the letters, they help me get through the week.

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