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Monday, November 7, 2011

Miracles!!! 11/7/11

Hello family and friends,
Okay so I have so much to tell you and so little time on this lame timed computer haha, so I hope that I get everything out.  Sorry but I probably won't use correct punctuation in this email haha.  Okay so anyway... here it goes.  Silverdale has been a great area!  I told my companion that I want to ask President if I can stay here for the rest of my mission haha and knowing President if Ii asked I would probably have a good chance. So this week we have been working a lot with the Finnegan's!  I love them so much!  So they visit all the less actives on base and stuff and they found this girl and talked to her.  Her husband, Will was under way at the time! (under way means deployed for the navy, so he is on a sub)  So she said that he would be home in a few days and she wants him to meet with us.  So, then a couple days later we get a media referral on our phone saying that she wants a Book of Mormon.  So we take her one and she is so excited cuz she wanted it for her husband.  So then the Finnegan's visited them when he got home and set up a church tour for us.  So that was cool and we were happy.  They come to the tour and this guy is a MIRACLE!  So we start the tour and he was like "oh yeah this building looks like our last ward" me and Sister Holman were so flippin confused.  So then we move in to the chapel to talk about the sacrament and he like knows everything.  So, then I was like, are you a member? haha and he said well, I think so... and then he said " I think I was baptized but not confirmed!"  So here is me like trying not to choke haha so I was like "oh well don't worry we will call salt lake and check and then he was like "yeah i love this church it is so family oriented and that is what i need." so then we asked him if he would be baptized if there werent any records and he said "YES!" So they leave and i call sister mcquire in the office and and tell her that we just had a miracle and we need her help. so she calls Salt Lake and then calls us back and I answer and she says " it must be your lucky day!" haha they have no record on him.  So, he will be baptized this Sunday!!!!!! yeah!  It is so amazing!  I might have said this last week but when grandpa died, President Weaver gave me a blessing and he told me that I would soon reap the rewards of my labors in Rochester.  So this week I learned that everything is in the Lords time and because I worked my butt off in Rochester he is blessing me in Silverdale!  So it was way cool.  We also met with Franz.. he is a cool guy.  I taught him the word of wisdom and he was way distraught about giving up coffee.  So I was way panicked and then he bailed on our appointment the next day.  So I was just praying my heart out that he came to church! and he did!!!!  It was awesome!  He came in a suit and tie and everything!   He will hopefully be baptized this Saturday!  And we also have another "sisters conference" or slumber party as I like to call it this weekend!  So it will be way good to see Sister Craig before she leaves in a few weeks!  So it has been an amazing week!  I love this gospel with all of my heart!  I know it is true!  I KNOW that my Savior lives and loves me and that he understands me.  Today for p day we went to the naval base museum so that was cool.  I will send pics soon!  I love you all so much!  I love being a missionary.  I feel like Ii come closer to my Savior every day.  I know that this is the most important work on earth, and that I need to work hard because I don't have much time left!  I love you all so much and I hope you have an amazing week!

Love always,

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