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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello! Welcome to Silverdale!

Hello family and friend! How are you all doing?  I am doing so good.  As most of you probably already know I have been transferred to Silverdale 5th and 6th wards.  I am excited to be over two wards again.  The 5th ward is a young single adult ward haha I just laughed when I found that out lol.  We all know how I love those wards haha.  But I'm excited and it should be way good.  I won't lie I was super sad to leave Rochester.  Saying goodbye to everyone was tough.  I became close friends with a girl there and she just cried when she said goodbye to me.  I also had a hard time saying goodbye to Venus and Luisa and the Jones family.  It will be good though.  I would have loved to stay there but Silverdale already seems great. My new companion is Sister Holman from Mesa Arizona.  This is only her second transfer so I am follow up training her.  She seems great already and we have a lot in common.  Also I found out that I am in the Leach family's ward.  I was sooooo excited when I found this out.  I thought they would be in a different ward so I am so excited to meet them!  So my new address is 1201 NW Tahoe Ln. #204 Silverdale WA, 98383.  We have a really great apartment!  So send me letters! Hahah.  Anyway... last week was so great!  Sister Fisher and I got to go on exchanges and go to the temple.  So Sister Lee stayed with Sister Ffishers comp for half the day and we saw the family receive there endowments and then be sealed together with their kids.  It was so special because their 3 yr. old son passed away about 5 months ago.  The spirit in that room was amazing and I can't even explain the peace that I felt.  I am way excited to be in Silverdale. They actually have investigators and we will hopefully have a baptism on Sunday.  We have a senior couple that we work with and they are great. The Finnegan's.  She is from Scotland originally.  They are like grandparents to the missionaries.  So Silverdale is also on the military base so I will get to go there hopefully tonight.  I am praying that they let me in without my drivers license haha.  Anyway... I have learned that change is good even though I miss Rochester.  I know that the Lord has a hand in everything and that this is where Ii am supposed to be.  I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I am so honored to be called a disciple of him.  I love you all so much and I am so sorry I am slow at writing.  Things have been so busy but I will do my best to be better!  I will write soon.  Court I got your letter, thank you so much I will write soon.  I hope you all have a great week!  Know that I love you  all so much!


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