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Monday, October 10, 2011


Okay so what a week.  First off its been weird cuz last week on p day I noticed that I was missing my wallet... well it is still missing so I don't know if I lost it or if someone kifed it!  Ah! its frustrating to deal with credit cards and everything... oh well.  The Lord knows when we need trials haha.  So anyway... the rest of the week has been cool. We found this lady named Michelle a couple weeks ago and she finally came on a church tour. She liked it a lot! I started talking about baptism and the restoration of the gospel and Joseph Smith and she just looked at us and said "wow, why don't other churches know this?" And I said haha exactly!  That's why we have missionaries like us.  So she didn't come to church because she felt uncomfortable without nice clothes so hopefully she will come next week!  It was cool.  Transfers are on the 24th!  I don't really know what will happen.  I dunno.... haha I'm sure Marissa is so laughing at me right now haha.  Anyway... we played basketball with the elders today and it was AWESOME!  I loved it!  We have an elder in our zone now who is 6 ft 9!  Oh yeah he is awesome!  He played in high school and he is way good.  Today I was going up for a fast break lay up and he was trailing behind me so I thought I would show off a little and I hit it off the back board so he could slam dunk it!  Ha it was soooo sweet!  He missed it barely but everyone was like ohhhhh!  Haha it was so great!  Other great news this week!  Is that Sister Fisher and I had a baptism back in July, and it was a referral from a less active in the ward.  Well now that less active is going through the temple on the 22nd!  And I got permission to go!!!  I am so excited!  I can't wait. O nly problem is that my temple recommend was in my wallet!  Stupid Satan haha oh well hopefully I will just call president and he can give me a new one!  I can't wait to see that family sealed together!  It will be so great.  They had a little boy pass away so it is going to be AMAZING!  So this week we hope and pray to find more people.  I know we will even if its not this transfer or even in Rochester.  I will find people soon. I  love you all so much! I  am so thankful for my eternal family and for missionary work!  I have seen it change my life forever!  I love it so much and I love serving my Heavenly Father.  I know that because of his son we will live with him again and with our families and friends forever!  Have an amazing week everyone!

ps... letters will come soon! love you!

Oh and Colton the package will be really late cuz the wallet thing love you guys!

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