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Monday, June 6, 2011


Hello my dear family and friends!

How are you all doing!?  Okay so this week has been a good week. We have done better which is good. Sister Craig is still amazing and I love her more and more everyday. I love it because we can always talk to each other. Whenever it goes silent Sister Craig always says... "What are you thinking?" haha its fun. She is one of the first companions well besides Sister Bradley that I actually have inside jokes with, and it is so great! The Elders in our Zone love us haha. One of our zone leaders is going home soon so they keep asking us about dating and what girls like. haha its funny cuz really I have no idea but I just tell em what I think haha. Grandma Harward and Jodi THANK YOU so much for the package that you sent!! I LOVE it all! The one skirt doesn't fit my big butt so I will take it and get another size. I am lucky because they do actually have a Macey's here in Puyallup! So thanks for all of that I really appreciate it. I was going through the stage of staring at my closet thinking what should I wear today? Haha and then the package came! So this week I have learned some way cool lessons. The Ridecrest ward had stake conference this past weekend and it was great. Pres. and Sister Bowen came to the adult session and spoke. The whole conference was on missionary work! It was so awesome! Something that I thought was way cool was something that the stake president said. He said, "the value of ONE is infinite in the eye's of the lord." Now I have been thinking about that and I don't really know what it means yet but I will have to let you know my thoughts on it. I absolutely love how our Savior loves each of us individually. Kind of like how in 3 nephi 11: 14-15 when it talks about each person going up to the Savior and feeling the prints in his hands and feet. He loved them so much! And I know that it is the same way for us! He loves us so much and he is just waiting for us to get back to him. I can only imagine how that day is going to be for us! Anyway... so that was pretty cool. Also yesterday the stake choir sang "I know that my Savior loves me." And that is the primary song the Brenna and Ter would always sing before I left. So needless to say I got a little teary eyed. Haha.I miss those little girls. And I am glad that Brenna is doing good. I am so happy that Brayden was blessed yesterday! That is so cool! I am sure Davey did a great job! This week we had a couple Miracles. We have been trying for like a week to get in to see all the part member families, and it has been hard. No one is home during the day. Or I love when we get what I like to call "peep holed" haha. NO ONE in Utah has peep wholes! But everyone in Washington does! So if they see us sometimes they won't answer! haha its funny. Or my favorite is when you can hear the kids talking and all the sudden you hear a shhh! haha funny. We just laugh about it! But anyway... we finally got in to see a part member family this week, and it went good. They want to have us for dinner sometime. We still are having a hard time finding people to teach! But I know that if we continue to work hard and tract (even though it is so hard to do sometimes) we will be blessed. To me tracting is like how it was for me to go running. I loved the feeling after words, but getting myself to do it was hard! But before the mission I made running a habit and something that I liked. So hopefully I can do the same with tracting! I am loving it here in Puyallup and I am praying that I get to stay with Sister Craig for at least one more transfer! That would be AMAZING! We have interviews with President Bowen tomorrow. It will probably be my last one with him, before they go home. So that should be good. Then we have a zone conference on Wednesday. Family and Friends I love you all so much. I am so thankful for you in my life. You are the most amazing people I know and I think about you all and pray for you everyday. If you are reading this email, I think about you and love you so much! You guys are amazing! Thank you for your letters and all the support you give me. If you wrote me in the past couple weeks I am trying really hard to write you back so be patient with me, and you will get mail soon! Court HAPPY late GRADUATION! You are amazing! Well I want you all to know that I love this gospel with all my heart! I know that it is true! I love my savior. And I know that when things get hard in our lives all we have to do is trust in the lord and heavenly father and they will help us. All we have to do is ask! I love you all! Have a great week!

Love, Katee

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