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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hello my dear family and friends!

How in the world are all of you doing!?  So sorry we could not email yesterday, the library was closed for memorial day. I have decided that missionaries are not to fond of holidays haha. So yeah... but it was a good day. Last night as we were tracting there were a few people having bbq's and I thought hmm... I bet my family is bbquin tonight too! How funny... its funny the little tiny things that I miss like memorial day bbq's haha. Anyway... so our week was still pretty slow last week. We struggled to get 20 lessons in because it just seemed like no one liked us haha. So on Sunday night I felt like the guy off the RM who was doing his home teaching at the last minute haha we drove around and tried to see people and it didn't work to well but we ended up hitting 20 lessons. Thank goodness. Sister Craig and I have been talking... and we have been trying to figure out why we have been struggling to find people and to teach and things like that. So the other day we were sitting in the car, and she looks at me and says, "I think its my fault." And I said, "whats your fault?" and she said, " that we are having a hard time." And she kind of grinned a little and I looked at her and said, "oh my goodness! you prayed for patience didn't you!?" haha I was just kidding with her but it was funny. As a missionary I have learned that when you pray for patience you really get it haha. But that wasn't it. She said that she prayed for trials. And I have been thinking about that, and I was like why on earth would you pray for trials. But it really makes sense. I feel like because we are struggling a little bit, I am learning more about myself, and how I can deal with things. Its so awesome because we just laugh all the time. We are so funny haha. I love it. So anyway... if you could all continue to pray that we find people that would be great. So yesterday I played some bball with the elders. It was pretty fun. I love it! If I stay in Puyallup for another transfer (which I hope and pray that I do... with Sister Craig.) then I will probably break down and by some bball shoes. I know I am way cheap, but I might not be able to help myself. Haha maybe I should just have you send me my Jordans. I guess we will see. So anyway... this week we have worked hard and we hope to see Miracles happen soon. Being a missionary is the best thing in the world. I am so glad that I chose to serve a mission. I have experienced things here that would have never happened if I hadn't have chose to serve a mission. I am so thankful for all that my savior has done for me in my life. I can't even imagine where I would be without him. I know that when I pray to Heavenly Father he hears me. The past couple of weeks I have wondered that... Does he really hear me? But I know that he does. He just answers in his time. Or he answers my prayers I just have to put forth the effort and look for the answer. Anyway... I am rambling... sorry. But I want you all to know that I know this gospel is the truth restored on the earth today. I know that Joseph Smith saw our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ, and through him the priesthood was restored back to the earth. The Book of Mormon is the true word of God. It is another testament of Jesus Christ, and I know that if we read from it daily we will be blessed, and reading the scriptures is how we find answers to our prayers. I love you all and I hope that you have a great week! You are amazing and I am so thankful for each one of you. Jodi good luck tomorrow, and Brenna I love you so much and I know you will feel better with your tonsils out. And I will pray for you both! I love you have a great week!

Love always, Kate

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