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Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello 04/25/11

Hello family and friends!

Okay this week has been good. I don't really know what to write. We just had an instant church tour so that was pretty cool. We were on our way to the library to email and this girl that we had met a couple weeks ago was walking home from school. So we asked her if she would come to the church for 20 minutes. So that was cool. We will meet with her again on Wednesday. So we will see what happens. She seemed a little weirded out haha but its all good. All we gotta do is hit her with the spirit. He is the one that does the converting right? Right. Okay so next item of business... Mom and Dad THANK YOU so much for the easter package! I loved it! You always know what I love! And don't worry I've only gained like 15 pounds. haha I'm gonna have a lot of work to do when I get home. Janellee thank you so much for your package! I loved it! Those cookies are the best! and the cd was great! I wrote you a letter so it should be to you soon. And Lynnette thank you for your package. How did you know that I was out of my peanut butter m&m's!? They are my favorite! So how was everyone's easter!? Mine was great. We were at church for most of the day. And then we had dinner with the Stutz family! It was great! Ham and cheese potatoes! Its exactly what I needed because I knew you were all at home eating the same thing! And of course it wasn't as good as yours but it was pretty good. Then after that we went to the Brown's house. Debbie Brown is a recent convert and her daughter Kinsley is not a member....yet. :) They also fed us. They had turkey and stuffing. (Now you can see why I have gained weight) So that was good. Then we visited another recent convert. Her son is not a member either... so we will work on that. Tonight is going to be a great night because we get to meet with Matt and Emily! Oh how I love them! Yesterday Emily sat with me in Sunday School, and it was great! Her personalilty is just like Kelsee's so it felt like sitting in church with my sister! I loved it. We were being terrible and trying to stay awake so we just kept eating the sour patch kids that you sent me haha it was the best! I know I need to be better haha but sometimes Gospel Principles can be hard to sit through. I think its mostly because by that time it is like hour four for me at church. But its still good and I love being over two wards..... most days. So anyway... this is way sparatic... sorry. So last night we came home and I was having a little bit of a hard day. Holidays can be tough sometimes. I kind of just had a little breakdown to myself, and then as soon as I started crying the phone rings and it was my sweet Sister Bradley. I told her that she was totally inspired to call me haha and it was great. She goes home in June so you will have to go to her homecoming for me mom and dad. And she also said that she will go to Kelsee's wedding for me! So that was good and I am doing much better today. So Mothers day is just around the corner! I am soooooo excited to talk to you all. A little nervous but way excited! It will be a great day. So I am only supposed to talk for like 40 minutes. So sorry it will be so short but it will be great anyways. And I don't get to call you the night before and set it up so it will probably be between 5:30 and 7:30 sometime because we have church and both of us are using sister walthers phone. So yeah... when is Colton calling? I don't know if we will get to talk to eachother. Bummer.... I miss that kid and his sense of humor! So anyway... that is that and I can't wait to hear your voices. How is that new nephew of mine? He is so flippin cute! oh haha thats right its cuz he looks just like me! haha just kidding... kinda. :) Well family and friends, I hope that you all have a great week and I hope that you all had a great easter. I hope that you were all able to focus on our Savior and the sacrifices that he made for us. I want you all to know that I know that he lives. And I know that he loves each one of us. And he suffered for us so that we might be able to live with him again someday! And to be together with our families forever. I know that he see's every single tear and he feels everything that we feel. He knows when we are hurting and he is always there for us. Remember that no matter what..... WE ARE NEVER ALONE! I know that this gospel is true. And it is amazing. I see it change lives and I can't tell you how great that feeling is! It has truly changed my life and I am so grateful for it, and I am grateful for amazing parents who have helped me gain my own testimony! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!


P.S. how is brenna, emery and Clara doing?

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