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Monday, February 28, 2011

I don't even know where to start. 02/28/11

Family and Friends,
Hello! How are you all doing? Okay so I'm about to tell you a story..... Dad please do not freak out... hahaha. So we were just driving to the library to email, and Sister Nybo doesn't like to drive a ton. Which is fine with me cuz I would rather be in control of the car anyway... You know how I am haha. So we leave the house and she was like you can drive. So i'm like okay... get in the car... start driving.... turn the corner and there is a cop coming down the road. I thought oh Sister Balmforth you better slow down haha so I start slowing down and i get going about 25 mph. So next thing i know his lights come on! Darn it!!!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN PULLED OVER!!!! So i'm sitting there just praying like no other! Because if i get a ticket i can't drive for who knows how long. So come to find out i was in a school zone. Well here in Sequim a school zone is 20mph but in Utah it is 25. So duh Katee!! But I prayed like no other and the lord blessed me haha the cop said just be careful okay? So luckily I DID NOT get a ticket! So Dad no worries! Hahaha anyway how is everyone doing? This week in Sequim has been crazy! Just like Colton it was a weird week. It is so hard because I know the area the best and I am the least experienced missionary. So that is really hard. We are having a really hard time finding people to teach right now. Please keep praying that we will find people. So that is the problem right now. We need to teach! But we have to find people first! Plus it has been a hard week because it SNOWED IN SEQUIM! Thats right Snow! It hardly ever snows here. It doesn't even rain that much. So one day last week i don't remember which day... maybe Thursday. We were told that we couldn't drive because of the weather. People! I am from Utah! I know how to drive in the snow! Plus my dad has taught me so well! But we wanted to be obedient so we stayed home ALL DAY LONG! Longest day of my life!!! We called a ton of people, and got an appointment with one potential investigator for tonight so we will see how that goes! Pray! Also yesterday we had no investigators at church because oh yeah church was canceled for one of the wards because the bishop fell in the parking lot. Oh just FYI Sequim is a retirement community! So everyone is old haha thats why church was cancelled! But the good news is..... Mik was finally baptized last night!!!!!!! Yay!!!! It was funny I looked at his program last night and it said Feb. 27,2011 on it and it made me happy because i remember colton saying that he was going to have a baptism on that day too. So we both had baptisms yesterday! Cool huh? Anyway.... this week has just been weird... things are getting better though... And yesterday Brother Turner (ward missionary who loves me! and wants me to marry his son) told me all about the Jazz! Wow.... all I could think about was how much money I have spent on Dwill stuff and now i am gonna have to spend more money on Gordon stuff haha its all good though. At least I didn't cry like I did when i found out that Jerry retired. It was funny though we were at the store today and we got a call from sister bradley! I was really excited! Cuz technically i don't think she is supposed to call us. But i answer and she says "hey have you emailed yet?" and i said "no not yet" and she said " uh oh, i don't know if i should be the bearer of bad news" hhaha and i said " oh its okay brother turner already told me." it was funny cuz i knew exactly what she was talking about haha! And she was just calling to make sure that i was okay haha cuz the last time she told me news i started balling!! haha it was funny. Man i miss her like crazy! But Sister Nybo is great too! She is a great missionary and i am learning a lot from her. I won't lie It is harder to communicate, and i really try to be patient. But it is getting better, and i love these sisters. Its funny I could totally tell that Colton was having a hard week. I have been thinking about him like crazy this week, so i started writing him a letter this week, and i just finished it today but i don't have his address... Mom can i get that please? he really needs a letter! thank you. I hope he is doing okay. I know he will be just fine. He will probably have a really good week this week. The lord will bless him. I know he will! Oh I forgot to tell you another funny story... The other day we were leaving a members appartment to get to our next appointment, and we were in a hurry so i was running out to the car. Well it snowed here people haha so I',m running and i yell back to my comps " hey be careful its really icey!" So i get almost to the car door and reach for the handle and what happens?!! thats right i biff it! haha it was terrible. Just picture me in my skirt biffing it on the ice! haha Nothing was hurt except my pride so it was okay. But that is totally not like me! i never fall haha i think its the shoes. And luckily i wasn't hurt, thank goodness for all these members feeding me so much i had a little extra padding to break the fall. haha. Anyway this week has been a crazy one. Its one of those weeks that I don't even know how to explain. I just printed pics today so i will be sending them next week for Mom's birth week!!!!!! Yay!!! Also i think presidents day threw the mail system off, cuz i didn't get mail all week and then on friday i open the mail box and BAM! Seven letters addressed to sister balmforth! Yay! you all are so amazing! thank you so much... Mer, Oma, Kels, Lynnette, Carol, Brooke, Janelle, and Marilyn. And i haven't got the mail yet today so if you sent one this week THANK YOU so much. You have no idea how much it helps me. Also Janellee, I had been thinking about you all week! I am so happy for you and I will be writing you soon. Family and friends I love you all so much. Thank you for all of your prayers! I feel them every day! The gospel is amazing and I love it! Even though its been a slow week i know that heavenly father hears me and will help me and answer my prayers and also he will be with all of you! I know the book of mormon is true and i love it! I am so thankful for my savior! I love him with all my heart! I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Love, Katee

P.s. I'm, glad the baby shower went great!

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