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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bittersweet Week 02/15/2011

Hello Family and Friends,
Okay first off.... I have to tell everyone thank you so much. Mom and Dad I got both packages and I am so grateful for you. Thank you so much. Mom the cookies are amazing! I took one out and smelled that homemade frosting and just about cried haha. And Cal thanks for the rice crispies! Love them. and Hope for the valentines! You guys are the best. Lynnette thank you so much for the valentines! I sent you a letter the day before i got the box so i will write you soon. And Carol! You must have felt the spirit when you sent that valentines haha how did you know that i ran out of stamps?! Thank you all so much. And also for the letters this week. Court, Terry Healey, ness.Mer, Mom, Marilyn, Dad, and Laura. Okay so how is everyone doing? Let me tell you about my very hard Saturday that I had. Ugh i don't even know where to begin. So Saturdays are transfer call days. So pretty much i was on edge the whole morning. Like every time the phone rang my heart just pounded! And of course people were just loving calling us that morning for some reason. So sister bradley had said that usually if you are training they will call around nine. And if they don't call by noon you are pretty safe and probably staying in your area. So we wait and wait. noon rolls around and nothing. So i am feeling pretty great! Then the call finally comes at 1:30! We were at McDonalds,(no i didn't eat.) So the call comes and Sister Bradley got transfered to Aberdeen! She is so amazing people! I just started to cry! Ugh.... change is sooooo hard for me! So she is getting white washed in! Aberdeen was an elders area and they just decided to make it a sisters area! So go sister bradley... pray for her people! But she is so amazing she will do great! But really i was crushed! I already miss her like crazy! So me and sister directo were told we were staying in sequim. So that was nice, but bitter sweet. I think i could go anywhere if it were just with Sister Bradley. So then I was kinda in a funk all day because of that. But its okay i know the lord puts us where we need to be and that it will all work out. But still it was a hard day. So then we were delivering thank you cards to people in the ward. We go to the Turners house. They are amazing! Bro turner is from Australia and has a great accent. Picture him cuz he is hilarious! I just wish i could hug this man haha. Anyway so sis. directo and i stayed in the car and sis bradley just ran in to give it to them cuz we were in a hurry. So the Turners are HUGE Jazz fans. So sister bradley comes back out to the car. And she sits down. ( i am driving) and she says... "i have some bad news to tell you." and i kinda panicked because what could get worse right? She said "its about the Jazz" and i said " what happened! Did they lose to the bulls? Did D will get hurt again!" (all things i could live with) and she said "no its worse." And i'm thinking what could possibly be worse than that? And she said "maybe i should wait til tomorrow to tell you." And i said "well you gotta tell me now." and then she said that most heart breaking thing ever! " Jerry Sloan retired two days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And that totally was the cherry on top of everything... let me tell you. It was a good thing i was stopped at a stop sign because i started CRYING! And not just crying but sobbing! It was so hard!!! I never thought that this day would come! I thought that Jerry would stop being the coach when he died. Oh people i can't even tell you how hard Saturday was. But its okay... Brother Turner and sister bradley comforted me haha i know it will be okay. So anyway... not gonna lie saturday was the longest day of my mission so far! Oh my good crap! I just got a call from President Bowen! Oh geez! Ha my heart is still racing! He is so amazing! I just have to send him something in the mail. So no worries there. But anyway... Saturday was hard. But then it was time for Miracle Sunday!!!!!!!! I had my first BAPTISM!!!! YEAH! And it was a great way to end the transfer! The baptism was sunday and sister bradley left monday so it was great. Kristy and her daughter Zarah were baptized! Oh what an amazing thing. Don't worry the baptism only started 20 minutes late because some crazy sister missionaries may or may not have forgotten that the white clothes were still in the washer and had not been dried yet! Ha yeah that was us lol but mom i know what you are thinking and it wasn't me haha i told em not to even wash them haha i totally would say that. But sister directo put them in the wash the night before and then we were so busy we forgot about it. So needless to say the lord was on our side and it took 20 minutes to dry.,they were just a little damp. Kristy and Zarah glowed and it was amazing! I am so excited! Now if we can just get Mik baptized this week that would be great! Pray for them please! So my our new companion is sister Nybo from Salem, Utah! She is 4 foot 11 and sister directo is 4 foot 10 or 11 ish.... so guess what that makes me?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats right people..... THE TALLEST! HA. Its the first time in my life lol But its great! I really miss my tall sister bradley though! I will be okay thought. I KNOW that the lord has us where he does for a reason! Mom, how is Austin doing? I haven't heard anything about him. How is Janellee? Anyway i am running short on time. But please pray for me this week. Change is so hard. but i am trying! I need to learn to "Come what may and love it" as elder worthlin said. But it will come with time. So its hard though because sister nybo has been out for a year but me and sis directo know the area. But i don't really cuz i've been here for six weeks. And sometimes it is hard to understand sis. directo! But we will get through it! Please pray that we find people! Family and friends I KNOW that this church is true! I know that heavenly father loves me and that he is aware of my needs and that he will help me through hard times. The power of prayer is amazing and i feel all of your prayers every day! I love this gospel! I love that my family is forever! And i love all of you! Have a great week and pray always!
Love, Katee

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