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Monday, March 7, 2011

Week of Miracles 03/07/11

Hello Family and Friends,How are you all doing? First off HAPPY BIRTH WEEK TO THE BEST MOM IN THE WHOLE WORLD. I LOVE YOU. Hahaha so anyway... hello... I am doing really good! Let me tell you why! The begining of this transfer was tough. We were having a hard time teaching any lessons at all. And we were having a hard time finding people! That part of the job is so hard. But soooo worth it when you find one person that is interested. Anyway... so the begining of the week was same ol same ol. Hard to do anything. At night when we would plan for the next day it would take us over an hour because we couldn't figure out who we were supposed to see. So on Thursday we decided to tract on Ryser Rd. It is pretty close to town. And guess what!? We found two people there! One of which has a family! A wife and two kids! One that is 8 and one that is 5. The dad's name is Pat. And then we also found a man named Mark. So Sister Nybo took a split the next day and went and taught Mark the first lesson (restoration) then that night Sister Directo and I took a split over to Pat's house and taught the first lesson. I really haven't had a ton of experience teaching because first off its hard in three somes because i have like a little section to teach and whatever i leave out Sister Bradley usually filled in lol. So I have been praying like crazy to be able to open my mouth and say what the spirit needs me to say. So anyway... we go over there and start the lesson. Sister Directo starts out, and i'm like givin myself a little pep talk haha. So then I take off where Sister Directo left off and I start,and then I get to the first vision! I LOVE THIS PART! mostly because i always feel the spirit with it, and because I studied it before my mission and i have the part memorized. So i say it and i am feelin pretty good about myself. So then Sister Directo starts again... andi'm just sittin there... and all the sudden i wanna hit myself in the head haha. As I was sitting there I realize that I FORGOT the ATONEMENT!!! The most important part of the whole thing and i forgotit!!!!!! Oh geez haha. It was okay though because Pat had touched on it a little bit. But I felt dumb haha. Oh well... its all part of the learning process I guess. So another Miracle we had was Mik's mom who has not been interested at ALL, came to his baptism last week and then the next day she told us she wants to meet with us to talk about"mormon stuff." Yay! Only thing is she is moving to Port Angeles. So we were good Sister missionaries and sent her to the P.A. Elders. Its all good though. As long as she gets baptized thats all that matters. So then the last amazing miracle i want to tell you about really strengthened my testimony this week. So there are three wards here in Sequim. Dungeness, Happy Valley, and Sequim Bay. Us sisters are over the Happy Valley and Sequim Bay wards, and then Elder Wachlin and Elder Black are over the Dungeness ward. So they are bike elders. So we usually help them out when we can and give them rides and stuff. So the other day, we called them to see if they needed a ride. And we asked because we needed to get some paper work from them anyway. So when we called they were like ten minutes away. Like seven miles or something like that. Which really isn't that many but when you are a missionary it is! So we were like okay it will help you get to town quicker anyway so we will come get you. So we start going... and we are seriously like two minutes away from them, and Sister Nybo says...I don't feel like we should get the Elders right now. So i pull over and in my head i am thinking "are you serious! we just drove clear out here and used all of these miles and now we aren't going to get them! "i wasn't mad i was just like..... serious? haha so anyway we call the Elders and tell them that there is something else we need to do and that we will pick them up in an hour. So we go and park the car and we seriously said like eight prayers to figure out what we were supposed to do. Because we had a plan of what to do but none of them felt right. So we sang a hymn and we prayed, and then we prayed some more. So really we sat there for almost an hour. So then we finally decide to stop by a less active. And after that Sister Nybo said "okay lets call the Elders and we can go get them now." So we called them and they were close to town by this time. So we drive into town and we see them, so I honk and then pull into a parking lot so they can come and get in the car. Well across the street there was a lady... who they were going to go over and talk to really quick. And she said to them," hey are you the LDS missionaries?" and they said, "yes we are." and then they sat and had a conversation with her, and they got all her info. and she seemed really interested. And later they were able to set up a church tour with her husband, and he actually had the elders over for breakfast today. So we will see how that goes. But I learned something very important!! NEVER get frustrated, and ALWAYS listen tothe spirit!!! Because if we would have picked the elders up earlier they would have not met this lady! Crazy right!? I felt bad afterwards. But it was okay because i was just frustrated in my head not at my comps. Because really I felt kind of weird about picking them up at that time too, but i just didn't say anything! So ALWAYS listen to the proptings of the Holy Ghost! He will never lead you astray! Oh also the other miracle... the other day I noticed that March 17th is coming soon. And i was telling my comps that every st. patricks day we eat corn beef and cabbage. And how i was going to miss that this year. And guess what happened!!! A tender mercy thats for sure. We had a dinner appointment with a now new investigator and guess what she fed us...???? Thats right... CORN BEEF, CABBAGE AND POTATOES AND CARROTS!!!! It was amazing! Heavenly Father really does look out for me. He really understands my needs and even though that was something so small, he knew that it would help me. I love him!!! So the past week was amazing! And i hope and pray that we stay as busy this week! Because, I LOVE getting home at night feeling exhausted! It is the best feeling ever! How are you all doing! Thank you so much for the letter this week. I don't remember who sent what. Mom, Grandma, Carol,Brooke, Courteney... and more I think. I can't remember if it was last week or not. Sorry.. Anyway... thank you sooooo much. So how is everyone? How is the ward? Mom, Dad, Calee, Kelsee, Dave, Colton, how are you? Hope, Brooke, and Court how are you doing? You should all write me! :) Big G, Mer, Brenna, Emery, and Clara how are you? I hope you are all feeling better! And how is Grandma? And Jodi? And Grandpa?And Oma? Anyway i think i got everyone... but i will write you all soon! This Gospel is amazing and I love it! Being a missionary is great! I still need to improve, and i am trying so hard to become a better teacher! Please pray that i will be able to do that! It is hard. I don't even know how Colton does it in another language! Anyway... I am so thankful for my Savior and Heavenly Father... they are the reason I am still on a mission. My prayers have been answered so many times and I am so grateful! I am grateful for the power of prayer in my life. I know he hears me, and I know that he hears all of you. PLEASE stay close to him. Pray to him often! Pray for guidance and understanding. He will never let you down! Listen to him, and ALWAYS follow the promptings of the Spirit! I love you all!! Have agreat week!
Love, Katee Sister Balmforth

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