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Monday, February 6, 2012

So do you kinda.....sorta...maybe...wanna get baptized? 02/06/2012

Hello family and friends!!

Well this week has been AMAZING!  Like seriously I am exhausted!  And I love it!  I have so much to tell you and like Colton I wrote it all in my planner haha but... I didn't forget mine... haha just kiddin brother!  So anyway... the past week was full of... MIRACLES!  Yes!  It was great!  And I love it because Sister Chronister and I have been working sooooo hard and on Saturday it all payed off!  On Saturday we had two church tours, we found two new investigators by a fluke accident... or the power of heaven haha, and we now have one person on date to be baptized!  AH!  Yeah!  Sorry if you can't tell but I'm a little excited haha. So here is how it all happened.  So for about the past six months Sister Finnegan has been knocking on this door on base trying to get the girl to come on a church tour with her non member husband.  Her name is or we thought was Sara cuz that's what it said on the ward list haha.  So finally these people commit to come on a church tour. Now on Saturday I was dog tired and we were waiting at the church for these people and the Finnegan's... and I won't lie, I was terrible and didn't have much faith that they would show.  So I rest my head against the car window and doze off... (and it scared Sister Chronister half to death when my elbow hit the window thing and the window opened haha) so then the phone rings and Sis. Finnegan says that they are on their way... I was shocked but excited.  So they get there and we start the tour and I ask the girl how long she has been a member... and she says I'm not a member.... wait what?!  I said your name is Sara right?  She said no its Maria.... what is going on haha so anyway... we go on the tour and they like it and they said they would be baptized!  They didn't commit to a date but they will soon... I hope.  Next we gave Allison our investigator a church tour, and we had a goal to put her on date for baptism... and I told Sister Chronister that she should commit her because she never has before.  So she said okay.... Hahaha it was awesome... she did so good I was so proud of my baby haha but she was like stuttering a little bit, and she said So..... how..... will..... is it important to you to follow Jesus Christs example?... How would.... or will you be baptized? haha Luckily, Allison said yes... it was great and Sister Chronister just laughs about it now and so do I haha.  Allison said she would be baptized on the 19th!  So keep your fingers crossed!  So on the first church tour the people asked what the difference was between us and Christians, and I explained that we are christian and then I gave like a two minute restoration lesson.  Later that night I asked Sister Chronister what her favorite part of the day was and she said... putting Allison on date... and then she said... wait.... no... it was when you gave a two minute resto... and I said, :why was that your favorite" and she said, "because I felt the spirit so strong and I just remember thinking I hope they are feeling this"!  So that made me feel good... We have had a great fun week and we have laughed a lot.  On Sunday I was way tired again and I asked Sister Chronister if i had bags under my eyes... she smiled and said no... then I said you're lying... and she said no I'm not that's how you always look! haha it was funny.... but anyway... I am loving life even though it is tiring and stressful... I love being a missionary.  This morning I studied about the Atonement, and I am so grateful for my Savior.  He is the way and because of him we have so much.  I am honored to represent him, and to teach people about him and his life and his gospel.  I am so grateful to him... There is a quote by Elder Holland that I liked.. it says " in short, the atonement has universal, infinite, and unconditional consequences for all mankind throughout the duration of all eternity!" I love that!  I know it is true!  I have seen lives change because of the atonement but mostly I have just seen mine change.  I love you all so much!  Have a great week!


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