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Monday, February 20, 2012

Spoon Fed! 02/20/12

Hello family and friends!

Well what a..... hmm.... whats the word for this past week... not good... haha.  Okay well it started out good. On Tuesday we had a zone conference and its always fun seeing other missionaries and being with President and Sister Weaver.  So that was good.  I just wasn't feelin that great. Then Tuesday night a few awesome people from the ward planned a suprise party for the Finnegans for their 45th anniversary... So that was way fun and we were all in on that.  But I still wasn't feeling that great... And I didn't eat much. Then Wednesday morning I woke up and walked in to our study area and then turned around and walked back to bed.  I have NEVER gone back to bed on my mission before!  I stayed in bed for most of the day... It was horrible.  I couldn't eat or anything... I wasn't nauseous or anything I just had no appetite, and my neck hurt.  Then Thursday I slept for a bit and then decided I needed to get out... So we went on base with the Finnegans but after about an hour I was done, and spent the rest of the day on their couch.  Sister Chronister was able to get a split and go teach Allison.  I was going crazy and I felt terrible because by this time I haven't eaten in like three days.  And you know me... drinking water when I am sick is always what I want to do... So then Elder Finnegan and Brother Jansson gave me a blessing and I knew that I would be okay because it said that my body would be healed.  BUT... It never said when... haha.  So Thursday night I was gettin scared cuz I felt so bad and I never get sick.  And I have had this really weird pain shooting through my neck... like under my glands.  So we go to bed that night and I just prayed and knew I would be better by the next morning. And I had to be because we had a full day with lots of lessons.  So Friday morning comes and I still don't feel that great really weak because I haven't eaten... And I sat on the couch and cried... Sister Chronister is amazing and just sat there and scratched my back and told me it was going to be okay... Then I decided that I needed to call Sister Weaver... yes it took three days for my stubborn butt to call her haha.  So she made me a doctors appointment and you all know how much I love going to the doctor.  I NEVER go to the doctor!  But all our appointments called and canceled so I knew it was the Lords way of telling me that I needed too... So the finnegans took us and I went to the doctor and he checked me out and couldn't find anything wrong (like always when I go to doctors) So he said I probably had some virus and then he said that there is a main muscle in your neck right there where mine hurts and I probably hurt it.  Its just weird because it only hurts to eat and open my mouth wide and stuff.  But it is getting better everyday... So then he told me to drink lots even if I couldn't eat.  So I have been working on that.  Then Saturday came around and I had to eat so I could takek some Aleve.  It was nine in the morning and ramen kind of sounded good. So I seriously sat on the couch and cried because I had to eat and Sister Chronister is the best and she seriously sat on the couch next to me spoon feeding me and making everything better haha.  She is awesome... and I'm way embarresed haha.  I had to do what I had to do.  So I still don't feel much like eating but I have been.  So I am slowly but surely getting better... and I had another blessing that said this will all depart from my body... so I will be 100 percent soon.!  Yesterday I went to church and it was good. Allison didn't show. And after that I was even able to work a little.  So Mom stop panicking haha I am doing fine. But pretty much my week was sitting on a couch... so it was way boring.  And I might have a cough or something now because it feels like something is stuck in my throat and i just cough.  Oh well.  I am so grateful to be serving the Lord at this time though.  I know that my Savior has felt what I am feeling and that he can and WILL take it away... I know that because he already has.  He has healed me MANY times.  I love my mission.  Last week I was writing my mom and I asked her about coming home soon and I told her how I am excited but it is so hard because I love Washington so much because this is where my life has changed.  And I know it has because of the healing power of the Atonement.  I will be forever grateful for my Savior, and for my mission.  I am also grateful this week to an amazing companion who was a great mom haha. Well everyone I love you all so much!  I hope you are doing great!  Sorry I stink at writing... I will try to be better!  You are all amazing!  I love you!


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