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Monday, July 18, 2011

Great Weekend!!!!! 07/18/11

Hello family and friends!

How are you all doing!?  I hope you are doing well.  Okay so... this week has been pretty good for Sister Fisher and I.  So I have a great story to tell all of you.  So the past couple of weeks we have been getting used to President and Sister Weaver, and they are great.  I already love them. T hey are like total opposites of Pres. and Sister Bowen.  So I think it was like Tuesday at 9:15 at night we get a phone call from Sister Weaver.  And she called us to tell us that her and president were going to have a sisters retreat on Friday night.  And that they wouldn't want us to drive back to our areas that night so we were all going to sleep over!  We were shocked!  We were thinking, what is going on haha Pres. Bowen would never do something like this.  And all we could think about was missing our proselyting time.  Way weird.  So Sister Fisher was pretty distraught about it haha and I was was stoked, because I knew that I would get to know Pres and Sister Weaver better and also because I got to see Sister Craig!!!!!!!!!!  It was great!  So Friday came and we had to leave our area just a little after four o clock in order to get to Tacoma in time.  So we had a nice little drive in the Olympia traffic.  We finally get there and we are the first ones there! Hahaha we felt dumb and didn't want to be the first ones so we drove around the block.  Well then we pass the house again and President Weaver is standing on the front porch waving us in haha it was so awkward!  But it was great!  So we go in and then more sisters start showing up and it was so fun.  And of course Sister Craig freaks me out and is the last one to get there.  She walked in and gave me the biggest hug!  I really think this retreat was an answer to prayer because I really needed to see her.  So we had a great dinner and then we had a devotional.  Sister Weaver is great. haha she has president wrapped around her finger.  After the devotional we did manicures.  And you can all probably picture the look on my face when she said we were going to do that but it was good. haha.  I went along with it.  Then it was dessert time and then time for bed.  I skipped dessert cuz I was talkin to Craig!  Then we got ready for bed.  Sister Craig looked at her Greenie and was like "well have a good night... " hahha it was so funny.  So we slept on the floor in the living room. Me, Sister Craig and Sister Fisher haha.  Sister Fisher was out like a light, and then Sister Craig and I probably talked for a good hour or so... maybe more. haha.  I know know, but the lights were out almost on time haha we just weren't asleep.  So it was great!  I really needed to talk to her, and she really needed to talk to me. Transfers are in two weeks so we will probably see each other again soon.  I am thinking I will most likely stay in Rochester.  Cuz Sister Fisher has been here for 6 months.  So we will see.  Then we woke up the next morning and had breakfast, and studied together and then we hit the road.  I got back to Rochester and finally got a haircut!!  So I will send pics soon.  Then Yesterday Amanda was baptized and it was a great service!  I love when we have a great weekend!  Now we just need to find some more people to teach and baptize!  I am still working on letters to everyone who has written me.  Sorry I will try to hurry!  I love this gospel so much.  Sometimes as a missionary it is easy to feel a lone.  But I just have to remember that I am never alone.  I am still trying to love Rochester.  Sister Fisher said that it took her 3 transfers to love Rochester!  So I am really trying.  Hopefully it will hit me soon.  I have decided that all missionaries have reasons that they come on missions, but when we get here we have to find reasons that we are staying on our missions.  I have already found one of those and that is my eternal family, so now I am working on finding another one.  I think it is so I can learn to overcome fear and to gain faith!  I love being a missionary and I am so thankful that I have this opportunity and that I have so many people like all of you supporting me.  I know that this work is the most important on earth and it is our way back to heavenly father.  I love you all and I hope you have a great week. Remember to Stay Strong!

Love always,

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