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Monday, July 11, 2011

Another week has come and gone! 07/11/11

Hello everybody!
How are you all doing?  I am doing pretty well.  We have had a really busy p day today.  So yeah.  This past week has been kind of a weird one.  I don't really know how to explain it.  I feel kind of emotional haha.  I think a missionary probably feels every single emotion that is possible and this week I think I have.  And it is hard because I am trying to not let my emotion show!  I hate when people see me cry. When I was with Sister Craig we laughed and cried all the time haha.  But now I am just trying to be strong and not let Sister Fisher see it.  Its hard... but its all good.  We are teaching a girl named Amanda and she is amazing! W e had a great lesson about the Godhead with her this week and she is getting baptized on Sunday!  I am excited because I haven't seen a baptism in awhile!  Yesterday I had to speak in church... so Sister Fisher was waiting for people to come to church at the front door and I was in the chapel going over my talk, and all the sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder.  I turn around and guess who was standing there!!........Matt, Emily, and the Gresser family!!!  I was so excited!  I just about lost it but I held it together haha.  It was the best surprise ever!  It is so hard some days because I feel like part of me is in Rochester and the other part is in Puyallup still.  And I am trying really hard to stay focused and be in Rochester but it is soooo hard.  I think about Sister Craig all the time. S he is struggling a little bit with her Greenie  I think.  But she is okay.  She emailed me today so that was really good.  And Becky is getting baptized TONIGHT! That's right, on July 11 my lucky day and DAD'S BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DADDY!  Okay so other funny things.  Last night we were at a less actives house and he has like a farm and one of his darn chickens decided to jump up and hang off my skirt by his mouth... flippin chickens! haha.  Rochester is the Country!!!!  I am still getting used to it but It is good.  I like it a lot.  We live in a mother in law apartment, and its cool.  Sister Jones is our landlord and she served a mission in Joberg South Africa!  So that's cool. Well I don't know what else to say.  Its been a good week.  If you could all pray that we find people to baptize that would be great.  I really need a miracle.  My faith is being tested and it is really good for me! Patti I got your letter!  THANK YOU!  I cried!  You are great.  And Marilyn and Janelle I got yours too!  I will write as soon as I can.  I love you all!  I know this gospel is true!  It is so amazing!  I truly feel my savior with me often!  I hope you have a great week!

Love, Katee


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