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Monday, March 21, 2011

Miracles 03/21/11

Hello family and friends!
How are you all doing!? This week has been sooo busy and I LOVE it! Being busy is the best and getting home at night being exhausted is awesome! So let me tell you a few great things that happened. We went to a less active lady's house this week to meet with her, and her nonmember boyfriend was there. He walked in the room so we could meet him. (Beer in hand) haha. So we start asking him a few questions, and then we start teaching him about the Plan of Salvation. This house smelled like smoke like no other! We all smelled sooo bad after we left but it was worth it. I will probably need to get my coat cleaned.haha anyway...so we were teaching him and he finished his beer, so then he walks out and gets another one lol then we were just about finishing up the lesson and he pulls some stuff out of his pocket and starts rolling a joint right in front of us! hahaha oh my goodness! We walked out and I was like "well i think he has about almost every W.O.W. problem there is haha but it was funny. Another cool thing that happened this week was we found 5 new investigators!!! yay!!!! it was great! my favorite to tell about right now is Brian Green. He has a wife and two kids. We tracted into them on Spruce street. Sister Directo said I think we need to tract there today. So we did, and before we started we said okay... we are going to find a family of four on this road! And we did! It is great. He was really hesitant...so sister nybo said okay how about you let us come and teach you one lesson. And then if you don't like it we won't come back. So he said okay. So basically we new that we had a one time shot with him. We had to get him to feel the spirit or it wasn't gonna work. So we all decided that Sis. nybo would go back with a member to teach him. (we always take fellowship) So... back up a few days. The past few days before this I had been praying to have help to get teaching opportunities. Because both my comps have been out for a year, so they are really experienced. So usually in lessons i don't say much. So i have been praying to have help to teach so i can get better. So Saturday morning comes around. And we are meeting with Brian at 4 in the afternoon. And we were sitting there thinking who can we take with us? And a name came to all of our minds! SISTER Eveland! Sister eveland is amazing! Mom she kinda reminds me of you. Like i think her and her daughter probably have the same kind of relationship as me and you do... anyway... oh and her daughter is serving a mission in the phillipenes. So we call sister eveland and finally get a hold of her. And she says that she will go. She hesitantly said she would go haha. So we go to the church for the elders baptism and then sister evenland was going to pick up sis nybo at the church and sis directo and i were going to do some other visits and stuff. So its almost time to go and sis nybo pulls us out of the baptism and says.. sisters i am not supposed to be at that lesson today! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Oh my goodness! Instantly I am TERRIFIED! One because I KNOW that I am supposed to go to that lesson, but i am scared because i have never taught an investigator alone, and because we only have one shot witht his guy. So instantly I start crying hahaha and I think i was crying more because Heavenly Father knew what i needed and answered my prayers, and i felt the spirit. But not gonna lie i was terrified haha So sister evenland was great. I know that she was there for me more than the investigator. So we go and knock on the door and no answer...so i am bummed. then we saw them in the back yard and he let us in and i start teaching about authority and why there are so many other religions on the earth today... And brian looks up and says. "that makes sense" !!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness... i wanted to be like "well its cuz its true" haha but i was like okay sister balmforth don't smile yet lol. so then we showed him the restoration movie and he said "i like that." so we have another appointment with him this week and i can't wait!!! I ACTUALLY DID IT! It was kinda hard because afterwards all i could think was "man i just wanna call my mom and tell her. "because it was so cool and i really just wanted to pick up the phone and tell you this great news! But i know that's why heavenly father had sister eveland come with us. Because i was able to talk to her and it was great! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! It is so hard sometimes but it is so rewarding! I miss you all like crazy, but I now KNOW why I am a missionary! Part of why anyway. I love this gospel with all of my heart! And I can't wait to see others grasp onto it and never let it go. I KNOW that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers! His son lived and died for us, and because of him we will all be together again! I love you family and friends! I hope you all have a great week! Transfers are next week, so don't send mail any later than Wednesday because i could have a new address. I hope that I stay in Sequim. I feel like there is just a little more work for me to do here. So Mom next weeks email will be on Tuesday probably. Okay i love you all. Have a great week!
Love, Katee

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