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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Grandpa Harward 08/15/11

Hello family and friends,

Well its been a crazy hard week.  I don't really even know where to start.  First off I want to tell you about my week up until Friday.  So.... We have had a slow week once again.  I hate reporting numbers to the District Leader because it is mostly zero's.  I know that the lord will bless us soon though.  So Friday was a pretty good day.  We have been spending a lot of our time with the recent converts and less actives.  So Friday we had like 5 lessons taught to them before dinner and we were feeling pretty good about ourselves. haha.  And the sun was shining so I was happy.  So we were eating dinner with the some recent converts who are amazing!  They fed us a thanksgiving dinner.  It was definitely no Grandma Harward thanksgiving dinner but it was good.  So we get done with dinner and we were sharing a message and the phone rings.  I look down and it says Pres. Weaver.  So I excuse myself and answer the phone.  Normally we call people back but I figured it was President so I better answer.  He said "hello Sister Balmforth,  Sister Weaver and I are in your area and wondered if we could stop by and say hi to you sisters."  I was like sure president.  So we said that we would meet at the church in 10 minutes.  Now I was a little confused for two reasons.  One was because it was 5 o clock which is tracting time here in the WA TAC.  And two because President and Sister Weaver had said earlier in the week that they were going to come to our church this Sunday because they wanted to see Venus.  So I was a little confused.  So we get to the church and I thought it was going to be a quick hi in the parking lot.  But we get out and say hi and stuff and then President says "well do you have the keys to the building and we can go in and talk for a little bit?"  I was so confused!  So we go in and just start talking about our area and how we have had a hard time finding people and all this stuff.  We probably talked for like 20 minutes and then president looked at me and said "well we actually came here for a reason to talk to you..." and I hesitantly and nervously said "okay..." and he said your dad called this morning and said that your grandpa had passed away........ I immediately broke into tears and Sister Weaver just put her arm around me just like my mom would have.  She sat and held me in her arms and talked to me and told me everything that dad had said.  After a few minutes I pulled myself together and looked up and Presidents eyes were almost as wet as mine.  At that moment I knew how much they loved me and how much they cared.  My poor little companion was sobbing too.  Then President asked if I would like a blessing and I said yes.  So a few things that stuck out to me in the blessing was....He said that my grandpa was happy. And he said that my mom and grandma and my whole family would be comforted.  And he also told me that I would begin to reap the blessing in my area, and he said that heavenly father was proud of me and the work that I have done has been accepted.  That blessing was so comforting.  I have been doing good since, and it has been hard but I am good because my grandpa is happy. Colton emailed me today and said.... Grandpa has three area's... Washington, Africa, and the spirit prison!  I thought that was pretty cool and soooo true.  My grandpa is definitely on my team and I felt his presence with me on Friday night as I was tracting.  I will forever remember my amazing grandpa!  Mom here are some things you can use in your talk if you want... Grandpa loved his jazz and byu!  When he first had alzheirmers he forgot lots of stuff but he NEVER forgot when his jazz and cougars were playing!  I loved that... about a year ago I was talking about buying myself tickets to a game and grandpa walked in the room with his jazz schedule and said "pick a game and I will buy the tickets!"  Haha, my eyes got big and grandma's face looked like oh yeah you and what money grandpa haha it was classic!  Grandpa always had those little push up icee things that made our mouth blue. And he was the candy man. He always had werthers hard candy and then he eventually upgraded to wonka laffy taffy.  I remember the story of him and Kelsee playing the slap game and Kels freaked out cuz he didn't have any fingers.  And the time when he took his leg off and threw it across the room and one of the little grand kids maybe it was Adam picked it up and took it to him and said here is your leg grandpa... haha. He always complained about my dad breaking his pinkey in the temple.  And he always had coke or milk...I don't think I ever saw grandpa drink a cup of water in my whole life.  Grandpa put ketchup on EVERYTHING.  The other day I had a frozen burrito and I put ketchup on it and my companion said that is gross!  And I said no its not haha then I said you should meet my grandpa... he puts ketchup on his ketchup lol.  He liked going to the family reunions in Fillmore only if he could golf or shoot rabbits.  And he called everyone honey!  Even my daddy!  I will always remember how sweet my grandpa was.  He LOVED coming to watch me play basketball and I knew he was proud of me.  And I know that he is going to help me this week!  I love you family and friends and I hope you have a great week! STAY STRONG!  Mom and Grandma and Dad and Kels and Jodi it was so good to hear your voices on Friday! You stay Strong and know that grandpa is happy!  Brooke I got your package the day after grandpa died and I was so thankful!  I will write letters soon! I love you all.!

Love, Katee

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