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Monday, March 22, 2010

Reading blogs is better than writing them

Wow okay so.... I am really not very good at this whole blog thing. Everytime I think about writing I talk myself out of it just because I don't want to sit and write what I think. For some people they probably love it, but I think it is kind of boring. But I have been thinking a lot about how I take so much for granted in this world. Everything... I have an amazing family and parents that support me in everything. I have good health. I have dreams, and passions that I have been able to accomplish because I have so much support. But then I think of how many thousands of people there are in this world that don't have any of that. And I feel so bad. Like I said earlier I am not really a big fan of writing on my blog.... however i absolutely love to read other blogs. Friends and families blogs are great. But the other day I came across this amazing blog that has really touched me. It is www.mysuperspence.blogspot.com it is so amazing. It is about a seven year old boy that is fighting cancer. And his mom is an amazing lady. I was working on saturday, and I read the entire blog. As I read it I just bawled. It was so amazing to me how this little boy has such an amazing attitude. And he is so strong. I cannot even believe it. It has really made me think how grateful I am that I don't have that big of trials. I know that we all have trials, and seeing what this little boy is dealing with, I would gladly take some more trials. I know that we are given trials for a reason. And this little boy has helped me realize this. Heavenly Father gives us trials because he knows that we can handle them. He would never give us anything that we couldn't do. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have of this. It is so amazing.
Anyway... now that I have gone on way to long.... But I just thought that was pretty awesome! Check out his blog... you will get hooked. Oh and I will really try hard to put some pictures up. I love looking at pictures. So be patient lol. Thanks.


  1. Thanks for this post Katee. Mike and I are going through some rough things, but you reminded me that it could always be worse! Thanks for your amazing attitude!

  2. Aw Thanks Laura! You are the best! I hope things are okay... Don't worry they will get better. I love you Laura!