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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Glad to know I may have 1 or 2 readers.

Okay so two weeks ago I was at work, and I wrote a big blog, then it got busy and I couldn't finish it. So that is why it has been awhile. That and school started again, so i've been somewhat busy. But I was at a relief society thing last Thursday, and I kept hearing, "why haven't you updated your blog?" So here ya go. Really I'm just not a big blogger. It kind of seems like a newly wed couple thing to me. But I was bored one week at work and decided to do it so I guess I better keep up with it. I love to read other blogs! My blog is probably not that great.... well I know its not, but just in case someone likes it I will try and make it as commical as possible. Lol. Today has been a pretty great day! Church was great, then I came home and ate lunch, and watched the "Gilmore Girls." I absolutely love the Gilmore Girls, it is my favorite show, and I'm so glad that I have all seven seasons on Dvd, because they don't make new ones anymore. I then proceeded to take about a three and a half hour nap, just in time to wake up and eat dinner. It was great. Thank you mom and dad. I love living at home! hehe. The rest of the night I spent watching the Golden Globes with my Mom, and Dad, and Colton. Go Sandra Bullock..... love her, and I am so glad she won for the Blind Side. Such a great movie. Now I'm just watchin my mom play Rock Band. It has been a pretty good day. Thanks for readin Bonnie! Sorry you can't leave a comment. :)

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  1. But I can leave a comment! Awesome blog, Katee! And yes, you are keeping it comical, as long as you misspell words like COMMICAL. Hee hee! You are great girl, love you tons! Live life to the fullest and lets play some bball together sometime. I need you to train me. :)