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Monday, November 23, 2009

Long Day

Today started out good. Well i guess.... as good as it can be with having to go to school. Haha. So i was almost done, just had one more class to go, and what happens? Bad day starts. I grabbed my back pack, had my coat on, with keys and phone in my hand. I guess i was juggling to many things and I ended up dropping my brand new phone on the wet asphault. Luckily it wasn't hurt at all.... just a little wet on the screan protector. (Best 10 bucks i ever spent) Then i went to grab the car door so it would shut and what happens? Thats right I slammed my finger in the car door. Yes, it hurt. A lot. I have a very nice blood blister now, and it hurts. What a day. I think it is starting to look up though. I'm at work right now and then I think I will go get a Jamba Juice to make things better! Haha. Well thats my day...... once again I will post some pics of my life soon I hope. Thanks for reading Patti and Bonnie!


  1. I love your blog Katee! I can just hear you talking in the text... so Katee! Not the klutziness, just the way you describe everything. Thanks for making me feel human (I do stuff like that all the time!) Good on you for going for a jamba juice to make it all better! Love you to pieces! Janelley, your 3rd follower. ;)

  2. thanks janellee... you are the best.