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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finally I posted a blog!

Ah!!!! The joys of computers sometimes! So I just wrote this big old blog and then lost it all! Darn. So I guess that I will start over. These past few weeks have been crazy! Three weeks ago we put Colton on a plane, and off he went for two years! That was probably one of the hardest days of my life! It is so crazy, but I know that he is where he needs to be and I wouldn't want him to be anywhere else! A couple weeks before he left we were able to take one last family vacation to California! It was so fun! We went to the beach and to Universal Studios! We all had a blast!

The last week I have been trying to get ready as much as I can because I leave in a month! It is so crazy how time flys! I can't believe it! I am so nervous and scared but sooooo excited! I am so thankful for my family and friends for all of their love and support! I know that going on a mission is what I am supposed to be doing at this time in my life, and I am so glad that I have made this choice. I know it will be hard but I also know that it will be sooooo worth it! And I know that the Lord is going to bless my family so much, and I am so grateful for that!
So I finally added some pictures! They are mostly from California. One of them is me opening my mission call and then a new family pic. I will post more pics later! I have a ton from a cabin trip and a fishing trip!

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